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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Radagast and SO's 2007 exercise goals

[Note: Both Radagast and SO have been sick for about half of January, and thus this post has been delayed.]

2006 was the first year for our new exercise motivation scheme, which we have both found to be extremely motivating. Our original goal had been to exercise 150 times in the year, but by mid-year we realized our motivational scheme was working so well that we upped our exercise goal to 200 annual bouts. By the end of the year we had both exceeded our revised goals: Radagast exercised a total of 213 times in 2006 and earned a total of $802.50, while Radagast's SO exercised a total of 207 times and earned $802.50.

While we think the current system is working well, the one downside of our current scheme is that it doesn't push us to do moderate to intense exercise very often (e.g., weightlifting, Yoga for Strength). Since we both feel that we'd be better off doing more heavy exercise (to build strength and cardiovascular fitness), we're going to divide our annual exercise goal into two segments: an annual total exercise goal, and an annual intense exercise goal.

2007 goals for Radagast and SO:
Only exercises that involve significant cardiovascular or muscular exertion will count towards the intense exercise production goal, though intense exercise events will count towards the annual exercise goal. Examples of intense exercise include:
The exercise fund reimbursement amounts will remain the same as they were in the second half of 2006. Specifically:

$5 exercise:
$2.50 exercise:


You can also wear a pedometer around the house and see how close you come to the recommended minimum of 10,000 steps a day. That's about 3 miles.
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